Radiographic assessment of secondary alveolar bone grafting

  • Rafia Aneeqa Lahooti
  • Mohammad Nazir Khan
  • Amna Amjad
Keywords: Cleft lip and palate, orthognathic surgery, cleft outcome


Introduction: Cleft of the palate and lip is the commonest congenital anomaly to affect the oro-facial region. An important part in the treatment of children with clefts in the primary palate is the reconstruction of the alveolar process with bone, which nowadays is a well-known and a commonly used surgical procedure. Alveolar bone grafting is an important part of the reconstructive journey for many cleft lip and palate patients.

Material and Methods: Pre and Post-op radiographs of 90 patients were analysed and classified according to Bergland and Chelsea scales. Observer was blinded to the identity of the patients. To evaluate the success rate of the radiographic bone graft using the Chelsea scale, the position of the bone tissue in relation to the teeth adjacent to the cleft was analysed by separating the radiographic images into 6 categories

Results: Using the Bergland system, assessment of the graft sites was done and found to be type I (56%), type II (22%), type III (16%) and type IV (6.0%). Non-eruption of canine occurred in 38 clefts. In 60 cases canine had erupted completely. In 04 cases canine was in the process of eruption. Periodontal examination revealed gingival recession and pocketing in 19 cases. 13 cases showed external root resorption.

Conclusions: Secondary alveolar bone grafting, although a less conspicuous component of the cleft continuum is inevitable for functional and aesthetic well-being of the individual.

Author Biographies

Rafia Aneeqa Lahooti
BDS, MCPS. Senior lecturer, Army Medical College / Armed Forces Institute of Den­tistry, National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS),Islam­abad,Pakistan.
Mohammad Nazir Khan
BDS, FCPS. Assistant Professor, Army Medical College / Armed Forces Institute of Den­tistry, National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS), Islam­abad, Pakistan.
Amna Amjad
BDS. Resident, Prosthodontic department, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
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