‘MRN’ supernumerary notation for permanent dentition

  • Amjad Mahmood BDS, FDS RCSEd (UK), Principal and Professor of Orthodontics, Margalla Institute of Health Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
  • Alizeh Rizwan BDS, MOrth RCSEd, Consultant Orthodontist, All About Teeth, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Rozina Nazir BDS, FCPS, Professor and HOD, Department of Orthodontics, Associate Dean Clinical Sciences Foundation University College of Dentistry, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Keywords: Supernumerary teeth, universal numbering system, palmer/zsigmondy system, FDI numbering system


Introduction: Supernumerary teeth are a clinical dilemma and are difficult to identify and classify. Hence the main aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of supernumeraries in the orthodontic patients of Margalla Institute of Health Sciences, Rawalpindi, Pakistan and present a numbering system for supernumerary teeth which gives specific information in regards to location, morphology and number to assist in easy communication in interdisciplinary dental care.

Material and Methods: Total of 550 patients were assessed for this study. Clinical examination, Intra-oral photographs, dental casts and radiographs of patients were used for assessment of presence or absence of supernumeraries and their types. To assess the effect of gender and upper / lower jaws on prevalence of supernumeraries, Chi Square test was employed. These records were also used to explain the new proposed, ‘MRN’ supernumerary notation.

Results: Out of 550 patients, 16 had supernumeraries. Prevalence was calculated to be 2.9%. Their prevalence was predominant in males. Conical supernumerary was the most prevailing type followed by supplemental.  The prevalence of supernumeraries was higher in maxilla. New proposed, MRN supernumerary notation is explained with examples.

Conclusions: As no accord was seen on the nomenclature of supernumerary teeth, this article not only presents the prevalence of supernumerary teeth but an effective supernumerary notation which gives specific information regarding location, type and number of supernumerary that can be applied to all the three-leading dental nomenclatures in both manual and computed forms.

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