Correlation among three different cephalometric Jaw relationship parameters

  • Syeda Rabbab Hasan BDS, FCPS, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad.
  • Ulfat Bashir Raja BDS, MCPS, FCPS, MHPE, Professor and Principal, Department of Orthodontics, Islamic International Dental College, Islamabad, Riphah International University.
Keywords: Cephalometry, jaw, anatomic landmarks, diagnosis


Introduction: The precise measurement of anteroposterior jaw relationship is an important step towards orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. The use of a single cephalometric parameter is insufficient for comprehensive cephalometric diagnosis. For the concomitant use of different parameters, the strength of correlation amongst them along with factors affecting them must be clearly understood. The objective of this study was to determine the correlation among three different cephalometric sagittal jaw relationship parameters in normodivergent vertical facial types.

Material and Methods: This cross sectional study consisted of 80 pretreatment lateral Cephalograms, that were selected irrespective of patients age and sex on the basis of normodivergent vertical facial pattern. Cephalometric landmarks were identified and sagittal jaw relationship for each subject, utilizing the three anteroposterior jaw relationship parameters namely, the ANB angle, Wits value and McNamara analysis, were recorded. Level of correlation among the three sagittal parameters were analyzed.

Results: The correlation value found between ANB angle and Wits value was 0.596, between McNamara analysis and ANB angle was 0.462 and between McNamara analysis and Wits value was 0.459. All the values found were statistically significant.

Conclusions: Moderate degree of correlation was found between angle ANB and Wits value and weak degree of correlation between McNamara analysis, angle ANB and Wits value. For appropriate clinical assessment and diagnosis of sagittal jaw relationship, it is therefore suggested to use these analyses side by side.

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