Evaluation of mandibular asymmetry by orthodontists and the patients themselves

  • Naeema Iqbal BDS; Post graduate resident, Islamic International Dental College, Islamabad. Riphah International University.
  • Owais K. Durrani BDS, FCPS, MOrth RCSEd(Uk), FFDRCSI (IRL); Associate Professor & HOD Orthodontics, Islamic International Dental Hospital, Islamabad. Riphah International University
  • Ulfat Bashir Raja BDS, MCPS, FCPS, MHPE; Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Islamic International Dental College, Islamabad Riphah Internatinal University
Keywords: Deviation, perception, facial symmetry


Introduction: Individuals are liable to have a difference of opinion regarding their own facial appearance as compared to how other people see them. It is important for the clinicians to understand this difference in perception in order to achieve satisfactory results. The aim of this study was to assess the agreement in subjective evaluation of mandibular asymmetry by orthodontists and the patients themselves.
Material and Methods: 110 patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria were selected. Full face frontal photographs of the patients were taken under standardized conditions. The patients were asked to assess their own photograph which was then compared with the analysis of the same photographs carried out by a panel of ten experts having minimum of three years of orthodontic experience. Each rater was asked to determine the presence or absence of asymmetry and state whether the asymmetry, if present is within acceptable range or whether it necessitates correction. A score of 0 was given if no asymmetry was detected, score of 1 was given if the asymmetry detected was within acceptable range and 2 was given if treatment is recommended. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 16.0.
Results: There was moderate level of agreement between the patients and the clinicians. The kappa value calculated was 0.54. The mean score given by the patients was 1.75± 0.923 whereas the mean score given by the clinicians was 2.06± 0.842
Conclusions: Moderate level of agreement was observed between orthodontists and patients. Difference in rating was found amongst the clinicians as well.

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