Torque expression capacity of 0.022” bracket slots with 0.019”X0.025” stainless steel archwires

  • Sohrab shaheed BDS, FCPS, MOrthRCS, FFDRCSI; Professor & Head, Department of Orthodontics, Rehman College of dentistry, Peshawar.
  • Kulsoom Karim BDS; Resident, Department of Orthodontics, Peshawar Dental college.
  • Hira Basher BDS; House officer, Sardar Begum dental college, Peshawar.
Keywords: Torque expression, play, rectangular archwire


Introduction: The expression of torque by the fixed appliances bonded over teeth is affected by many factors. The aim of this study was to determine the passive play and relative torque expression capacity of brackets with 0.022 slot and 19x25 Stainless steel archwires.
Material & methods: 10 Pre-adjusted brackets from different companies were selected through purposive sampling technique. Rectangular archwires of six manufacturers (ortho organizer, 3M, opal, highland metal, natural and ODP) were placed in 22” slot brackets to calculate torque expression. One-way ANOVA test was used to identify any significant differences in engagement angles of 0.22” slot preadjusted brackets and wires.
Results: Brackets from the Opal company showed least play, followed by brackets from 3M. Both these brackets showed least play values with 3M wire. Ortho care and Ortho classic brackets showed maximum play.
Conclusion: There are significant variations in the torque values of the brackets and archwires of different companies, which would clinically compromise the buccolingual positioning of the teeth at the end of orthodontic treatment. Brackets from opal and archwires from 3M showed least play.

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